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Je piston ring gap chart

STEP 3: When measuring piston ring end gap, check the gap with the rings at the top and the bottom of the bore. If the bore has taper wear (bores typically wear most at the top), the end gap will be larger at the top and smaller at the bottom of the bore. Use the bottom position to set the end gap. If you use the top of a worn bore to set the.

. I measures 3.3675" for each bore, that puts 3.3675*0.005" = 0.01683 or 0.017" total ring gap... the JE Piston instructions said to go with a 0.0055" for the 2nd ring thus the 0.0185" total gap. Can I call up JE and order just a single upper compression and lower compression ring to fix the ones set i over gaped?.

Hastings recommends a MINIMUM of .0035 gap per inch of cylinder diameter. Example: 4″ (bore) x .0035 = .0 14 minimum gap. Maximum ring gap is an important part of ring performance in that too much gap results in lost compression, power loss, and ultimately poor oil control.

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Just thought I would run this by you guys.I had 0 end gap on the Dykes ring with the 4.253 bore and at 4.25 bore the pistons only had .0015 skirt clearance sot had to have them honed to fit them.I got the pistons and ring from Phil so his bore had to be more the 4.25.I used the Seal Power chart and is similar to the one posted,thanks just didn.

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For your engine, you have correctly calculated what the ring end gap should be for your 4.44-inch bore engine. Looking at the chart, JE recommends a minimum end gap for a normally aspirated street engine on gasoline at 0.0045-inch per inch of bore size. Multiplying this 0.0045 times 4.440-inch bore generates 0.0198 which rounds off to 0.020-inch.

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